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About Headway Quality Evolution

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Paul Davidson, BSc (Hons), MRQA

The Story So Far...

After graduating with a BSc in Medical Biotechnology I spent the first four years of my career in academic research at Dundee University, working on characterising a novel protein fragment and studying the effects it was having on the modulation of human cell behaviour and the biochemical processes driving wound healing and cancer progression.  

Even then, working in discovery science, we decided to start working in a "GLP-like" environment; little did we know at that point of the challenges that lay ahead of us in trying to implement these standards.  However, after a great deal of trial and error we transformed the lab into something that at least came close to that expected in a regulated environment.

Intrigued by the drug development process I made my first move into Quality Assurance in a global Contract Research Organisation.  Working primarily on regulated and non-regulated preclinical safety assessments, I soon found myself leading a QA team with audit responsibilities in in vitro and in vivo toxicology, formulation and analytical chemistry and other laboratory sciences, and environmental safety assessments.

I later moved into Quality Assurance Management in another global contract research organisation where I was initially focussed on assuring the quality of preclinical and clinical bioanalysis to globally accepted standards.  This quickly gave me access to our Phase I clinical facility and the scientific services associated with this type of research.

And that brings us to 2013 and the launch of Headway Quality Evolution...